First Time Home Buyer Roadmap to the American Dream

  1. Schedule your home buyer needs assessment meeting
  2. Get Mortgage Pre-Approval
  3. Search & View Homes
  4. Activate Email Alerts of Matching Properties
  5. Research neighborhoods and property values
  6. Write & submit offer to purchase based on market data (include contingencies if warranted)
  7. Your Offer is Accepted or Your Offer is Rejected/Countered/Sold to Another Party
  8. If offer is Accepted/Countered - negotiate offer to secure best price and terms
  9. If offer is Rejected or Property is sold to another party return to the search & view homes path
  10. If offer is accepted and becomes a contract, contract is delivered to all parties and due diligence & earnest money is cashed
  11. During Due Diligence Period, inspections begin. (Structual-Termite) Retain all documents
  12. Mortgage application which includes credit check, appraisal, and verifications
  13. Path now divides with underwriting decision option of a. loan rejection or b. loan approval
  14. Homeowner Insurance and Land Survey
  15. Title Search Conducted by Attorney
  16. Due Diligence Period Ends - Seller remedies repairs - Re-inspection
  17. Final Walk Through - Utilities - Settlement
  18. Closing keys exchanged and funds dispersed - Deed Recorded
  19. Move In Time & Celebration!
  20. Write a Review for Jay and Sutton Realty Group