Top First Time Home Buyer Apps

Today’s first time home buyers have it a lot easier than buyers from the past. Why? Because there are so many modern apps that can help you get the information you need to make an educated decision.

It’s never been easier to search available homes for sale, determine what amenities are nearby, calculate your expected mortgage and more!

To help you become a 21st century home buyer, here are the top 10 apps that will aid you in your search for your next Raleigh, NC home.

The Top 10 Apps that Every Raleigh First Time Home Buyer Should Have

Here are the most useful apps that I recommend for anyone navigating the Raleigh area real estate market:

AroundMe: This application shows you all of the amenities around a particular home for sale – including banks, restaurants, gas stations and even hospitals. After all, as they say in the business: real estate is all about location, location, location.

A real-estate dictionary. Just like any industry, real estate is full of a lot of jargon. We use words like escrow and amortization tables – words that no one would expect a first-time home buyer to know off the bat. Of course, it’s important to understand these concepts when you’re buying a home so make sure to check out an electronic real estate dictionary. You’ll be glad you did.

House Hunter. This app allows you to lay out what your must-haves are as well as your like-to-haves. This then then rates homes based on what you’re looking for and what the home has. Users also have options of adding photos to the ratings.

Houzz. Sometimes home buyers purchase a property with the expectation that they’re going to want to renovate a room one day. This application lets you get that process started by showing you more than 200,000 photos to give you inspiration.

A Mortgage Calculator. You will have plenty of options to choose from because there are several different mortgage calculator apps available. As its name would suggest, this app allows you to calculate what your future mortgage would be if you invest in a specific home.

Trulia. A well-known real estate site, this app shares with you listings in the area as well as helps you compare various listings nearby. It’s a great information resource!

Walk Score. Although this app has been around for a few years, it takes on new importance in a real estate context. This app will help you determine how walkable an area is as well as share with you reviews of various businesses.

Wikihood. By law, real estate agents can’t share certain information about the quality of a neighborhood. But that doesn’t mean home buyers can’t research this information themselves by checking out this app, which shares with you extensive knowledge about specific areas.

KW Realty. This app allows you to focus your home search to a specific geographic area within the city. You can also sort results by lot size and square footage. It’s a great resource and one worth checking out!

Zillow. Just like Trulia, this site is well-known for its extensive real estate information. Here you can browse available listings in the area and even use the “Make me Move” function, which basically allows sellers to anonymously set a price that - if they received - would encourage them to move right immediately. Buyers can the contact these sellers if they want to make a deal.

Reshaping the Way Raleigh Home Buyers Do Real Estate

Technology can be an incredible asset to anyone navigating the Raleigh area real estate market. We hope you take some time to check out some of the above mentioned apps in your own home search.

For now, if you’d like to receive expert guidance on the local housing market, please don’t hesitate to contact me, Jay Sutton, and the rest of Sutton Realty Group.

We’d be honored to help you with all of your Raleigh area home buying needs!

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